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For Worktops

If you would like Fitted Kitchens Direct to visit and design your kitchen for you
- sorry but normally we charge - this is a skilled and time consuming exercise.

To process your design service we ask for 80 plus VAT,
If outside 50mls from BS49 then this is 120 plus VAT,

Should you decide to purchase (min 1500) then the design cost is discounted from the final amount.

Once we receive your instructions and contact details we will contact you to discuss the kitchen

If you can provide us with adequate information without a visit, we can provide order of cost quotations without that charge and save you money, and save us time and costs.

If you want US to design your kitchen:

  • One of our professional kitchen designers will arrange to visit you as necessary to gather information.

  • Our professional kitchen designers would normally speak to you to get the best feel for what you would like - he/she will then work with you until the end of the design.

  • Tell us what you want most from your new kitchen, and what your existing main problems are.

  • We need to know what appliances you wish to use in the kitchen and if they are to be replaced or if existing ones are to be reused.

  • We need to know your preferred door style & colour and any suggestions you may have or "key things" that you want.

  • We will then use our skills as kitchen designers and suppliers to design your kitchen for you.

  • Your professional kitchen designer will provide you (Email) with a floor plan and CAD 3D image for your approval and then discuss it with you, making any amendments that you deem appropriate. 

  • When you have approved the design we will cost everything and advise of options & email an ordering schedule for you.

  • Our schedule will include a full breakdown of all the components you will require for your kitchen.

  • If you are using your own fitters, when you have placed the order we will also send full fitting plans for you or your fitter to ensure a trouble free installation.

  • If you need further advice during the fit then we are happy to advise - just contact us.

   So if you let us do the design for your kitchen you get:

  • Full Professional Services

  • Online & Telephone Support

  • Full Plans & 3D images

  • Fitters Plans & Instructions

This can save you thousands of pounds.

If you wish to ask any questions you can contact us at Fitted Kitchens Direct by either.

E-mail: or Tel: 0800 389 4766


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